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Aug 31, 2017

I started today's show off with some incredibly inspirational stories about people helping others in Houston. There's lots of inspiring audio. A university pays dearly for not stopping a virtual riot.  We spend more on taxes than food and shelter now.  Amazon is making Whole Foods slash its prices by 45%! Millenials now want disposable cameras again, and purple was really not Prince's favorite color. 

Aug 30, 2017

The good and the bad of Hurricane Harvey and the amazing response of Texans and the American people. Nancy Pelosi says something right for a change! Networks try to politicize the storm. BLM shows its true "Cullors".  $1,000 smartphones, "X" is now a gender in California and much more. 

Aug 29, 2017

Lots of great content today including Hurricane Harvey coverage and audio.  I also discuss the latest things to be banned or removed including religious statues at a Catholic School.  Plus, the Maywether/McGregor fight and the finale of Game of Thrones! 

Aug 25, 2017

Today's podcast is 30 minutes of the best classic political satire and parodies I've written and voiced for Rush Limbaugh and some of America's biggest radio comedy networks! 

Aug 24, 2017

ESPN took a man named Robert Lee off of a football game play by play in Charlottesville because of his name, and they got eaten alive for it.  Hillary Clinton isn't creeped out when her husband is behind her, but says she was when she debated Donald Trump according to her new audiobook.  Denver coaches and administrators tortured cheerleaders by forcing them to do the splits.  Parents are outraged when a teacher outs a trans kindergartener and reads books about transgenderism to their kids.  Lots of audio.  Lots of fun. 

Aug 23, 2017

NO ONE is sharing audio of the reactions animals had to the eclipse. I share the sounds of bugs and birds before and during the eclipse, and it's freaky! 

Aug 22, 2017

Lots of over the top eclipse coverage including audio I recorded of the bizarre sounds the wildlife near my home made.  The Cleveland Browns have found a new way to suck!  The world's first record album composed, recorded and performed with artificial intelligence.  Plus, the dumbest piece of kitchen tech you've ever heard intelligent salt shaker. 

Aug 22, 2017

We live on a pea. Our moon is a bee bee, and the sun is a 6 feet in diameter beachball.  This audioblog is about the unlikelihood the shadow of the bee bee can perfectly block out the's improbability and intelligent design. 

Aug 21, 2017

Today I watched the eclipse through near totality from Kansas City. The eclipse is proof of God's intelligent design.  Plus, a guy tries to convince women on Craigslist to conceive during eclipse totality.  An academic says the eclipse path shows it was racist.  Plus tons of stories about the lunacy of left with regard to "white supremacy" and how they're using that label to silence opposition. 

Aug 18, 2017

The left isn't happy with removal of confederate monuments.  Their next targets:  Washington, Jefferson and Jackson.  Schools are freaking out about the eclipse.  Plus, some late night hilarity. 

Aug 17, 2017

I would like to say that pundits and politicians with regard to Charlottesville have acted like children, but that is an insult to children. I honestly don't know how low the country can go with name calling and division. 

Aug 16, 2017

This is an hour on WBAP in Dallas talking about the events in Charlottesville over the weekend. 

Aug 13, 2017

I discuss the riots in Charlottesville this weekend, the reaction from the media, the attempt to blame the President and the fact there are a-holes on both sides of this spectacle. 

Aug 13, 2017

This is an audioblog about my daughter's waning days as a girl.  She asked me one day to go with her to the creek to skip rocks.  I did it and relished every second. 

Aug 13, 2017

This is what I call an audioblog.  My pen name is the "Blogfather". My audioblogs are about life.  They are at times poignant.  They are sometimes humorous.  I hope you enjoy them. 

Aug 11, 2017

Trump talks tough on North Korea, and the world freaks out.  New York is making cigarettes even more unaffordable.  The dumbest story of political correctness run amuck ever.  Solar eclipse madness, and the 17 movies that could not be made today because of technology.  Fun stuff! 

Aug 8, 2017

Episode #147 is loaded:  Al Gore's "Inconvenient Sequel" does a box office face plant. Maxine Waters says Donald Trump should be impeached for things he did before he got elected. (She's not too bright) Baltimore's "Nobody Kill No One" ceasefire weekend lasted through Friday night.  Preschool Trans Camp! Plus, Philly's soda tax makes soda cost more than alcoholic beverages.  

Aug 5, 2017

We live in a Tale of Two Countries:  Entitled Washington and their Cronies versus the rest of us.  I think you'll enjoy this show on KFAB in Omaha, NE. 

Aug 2, 2017

One hour on FB live from 8/01/2017. Enjoy! 

Aug 1, 2017

One hour on WBAP in Dallas!  Lots of calls. Lots of commentary and fun. 

Aug 1, 2017

Anthony Scaramuchi it out at the Whitehouse! A man has a baby...not! Adam Carolla and Ben Shapiro talk about silencing free speech on campus.  Lots of audio, commentary and fun!!!